Reviews from December 2021

I would like to take this opportunity and say thank you to all Logan TAFE Community Child Care Centre staff members for your support throughout this year, when my son first started Logan TAFE CCC he couldn’t talk, feed himself or do anything on his own but thanks to you now he can do all those things. Am really grateful to have you in my life and my son’s life, you have shown him that he can do anything he just has to put his mind to it. Am really happy and thankful to you all

For all of my 3 children, 2 have attended and 1 still attends Logan Tafe Community Child Care Centre, the centre uses great learning techniques and knowledge to help children and parents learn. I have been using this centre for the past 9 years with 3 more to go, there are hundred’s of child cares to choose from but the felling my wife and I had on our first visit was a calm, safe and happy place. This feeling has continued through all of the years and still continues today. The activities held at the centre are not found in many centres and this helps the children to learn skills they would not gain elsewhere. All of the staff are happy to talk about progress and any issues and spend time with each child to monitor their physical and mental growth.

There is no better centre, the staff are long term caring staff that ensure all the children’s interests are catered for and children can explore a natural environment and flourish and become the best version of themselves due to endless opportunities. We have just graduated Kindy and will miss my daughters second home and the best introduction to education you can get

This centre is Amazing for more reasons than I could possibly say. The staff are incredible and many have been in the centre for a long period of time, which is great for stability for the kids. They genuinely know each child is different and take every effort and opportunity to ensure their play and learning activities are designed to cater to all, which is such a massive benefit, to my children of course included. Coming to the centre and having such a warm, welcoming and friendly environment is always comforting. Knowing this is where my children are I am confident they are getting the best possible care and learning I could hope for. Thank you so much for all you do 💙

Incredible staff Thank you all 🙏🙏🙏 My son loves to spend more time at Logan TAFE Community Child Care Centre that he always refuses to come back home. Thank you one n all.

It is by far the best childcare centre around. My grand-daughter went there & now my Great Grand – Daughters. The staff are all amazing and the children are so happy & that is pleasing to know your children are settled and happy

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday (Excluding Public Holidays)

6:30am – 6:00pm


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Logan TAFE Community Child Care Centre is open to all carers, not just to TAFE students. We cater to families from all the surrounding suburbs including Loganlea, Bethania, Shailer Park, Daisy Hill, Slacks Creek, Kingston, Tanah Merah, Meadowbrook, Marsden and Waterford.